LA Dance Academy

19352 N. 2nd St. Covington, LA 70433

(985) 893-0220

To All Students

The first step to becoming a successful dancer is making a solid commitment to attend all your dance classes. Strong technique is a key ingredient and class is where you develop that technique. Come to each class prepared to learn and without personal distractions. Class time is your chance to focus on yourself, so try to leave your concerns or worries at the studio door.

True progress is made when you look at each class as an opportunity to become better at what you love to do. Dance full-out, stretch a little further, become more aware of your technique, and make the most of every class. Respect for the teachers is essential. Listen to each correction given, whether it’s directed at you or another dancer. A correction is an honor; it shows you how much a teacher cares about your progress as a dancer. Always say thank you when a teacher or choreographer offers you constructive criticism. Nothing can stop those students who apply themselves in every class and appreciate their teachers’ knowledge and experience.

To All Parents

I believe that children’s success depends on the support of their parents or guardians. Because your commitment to the process makes an enormous difference, I encourage you to be a part of your child’s dance education. Classes can be observed by TV Monitor in the reception area or in person through the viewing windows. My programs rely on a positive atmosphere and educational experience for myself, faculty, students and their parents. Showing respect—for other parents, the students, and the faculty—makes an important impression on the children.

You are a role model for your child about how to interact with others in a professional setting. Your child’s presence at all classes is imperative. The spirit of teamwork and the lesson of dedication are a big part of my school’s educational process. Parents and teachers share a common goal: to ensure that every child receives the best possible training, both physically and mentally. Mutual respect among myself, faculty and my students’ parents provides the children with the ultimate care and education.