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August 12
January 8-Feb 5 2018
LA D Crew competed at The Streetz Competition and Convention in Baton Rouge

​Competition Results!!!
"Best Friends" (Kinsley & Samantha) High Gold, 1st Place, 2nd Place Overall. "Don't Worry About Me" (Sarah & Victoria) High Gold, 1st Place, 2nd Overall. "Surfin USA" (minis) High Gold, 1st Place, 2nd Overall. "Swagger" (Jenna, Sarah & Victoria) High Gold, 2nd Place, 3rd Overall. "Wings" (Ava & Elizabeth) Gold, 1st Place, 4th Overall. "Faith" (minis) Gold, 1st Place, 5th Overall. "Beam Me Up" (juniors) High Gold, 2nd Place, 3rd Overall. "Holdin Out" (Ava, Jenna, Elizabeth, Reagyn) High Gold, 3rd Place, 6th Overall. "Clue" (LA D Crew Company) High Gold, 1st Place, 3rd Overall. "Hands" (Emilie) High Gold. "Angels Please (Katie) High Gold, 1st Place. "Heart" (seniors) High Gold, 2nd Place, 3rd Overall. "Perm" (juniors & seniors) High Gold, 2nd Place, 5th Overall. "End of Time" (juniors & seniors) High Gold, 1st Place, 6th Overall.

Bring A Friend to Class Week

We invite all our students to share their love and passion for dance during our annual “Bring A Friend To Dance” Week! Students are welcome to bring their friends to join them at any or all of their dance classes during the week, completely free!

Current students are allowed to bring any friend to any dance class with the exception of the following: Acrobatic Dance & Pointe unless the invited friend has experience/training in acrobatics as well as pointe technique.

Let us know who is coming & what class they are attending!

Contemporary Class

​Southeastern (All welcome)
Our own teacher, Amber will be holding a contemporary class for ages 7-11 from 6pm-7pm and ages 12 & up from 7:15-8:15pm

$5 Admission

Last Chance Open House & Registration

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Meet your Director Q&A, helping with class registration,  get measured for shoes, tour the studio.


August 13
January 16-18, 2018

Scholarship Result!!!

Musical Theatre Class Scholarship: Kieleigh Antoine and Jenna Fincher

Ballet Class Scholarship: Ava Keen

Studio Scholarship: Tori Freeling

September 3

​Inclement Weather
Due to the weather conditions classes will be canceled January 16-18. Everyone stay safe. Classes will resume Monday January 22nd

June 9, 2018
Orange Awareness Ribbions

Dancers Are Wearing Orange Ribbons to Honor Florida School Shooting Victim Jaime Guttenberg. Jaime trained at Dance Theatre in Coconut Creek, FL and was a member of the studio's DTX competition team

Click to Read More about Jamie

LADA Competition Team

Ages 5 & up

Our competition team competes in both Regional and National Competitions. Performance and Elite Team is perfect for all dancers and experience.

10am-1:30 pm (lunch break 12-12:30pm)


Open House

10am - 2pm

Meet your teachers, Q&A, helping with class registration, give-a-ways, watch classes going on, get measured for shoes, free buns and braids class (sign up), sign up for makeup class taught by our resident cosmetologist spaces limited, July 7 12pm-1pm ($5 per person)


Classes Start

5pm- 8:30pm

Welcome current and new students. We are so excited that you are now apart of the LADA Family. If you have any questions please reach out to your LADA Director, Stephanie by email

​Faculty Bios

Labor Day

We will be closed September 3rd in observation of Labor Day. Classes will resume on Tuesday September 4th.

February 17, 2018
August 27 - 30

​Martin Luther King Day
No classes Monday January 15th in observation of Marin Luther King Day

July 7-8
January 5-8 2018
January 26, 2018
January 15, 2018
Steven Ban

​Guest Artist
Help me to welcome our new guest artist, Steven Ban. Steven was on Season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance and made it through to Las Vegas. Steven is self-trained and an experienced dancer in Hip Hop, Animation, Robotics, Popping, Bone-Breaking, Contortion, Waving, and Isolations. Steven was also a dancer in Pitch Perfect 2 and The Magician. Steven will be teaching Hip Hop 1.

Summer Camps for ALL ages

LA Dance Academy offers daytime camp and evening classes during the summer. We encourage our students to continue with their dance training over the summer as a way to stay active and get ahead or catch up on technique. Summer session is a great time to try out new styles without having to commit for the entire year.