• No Solo Duo/Trio if this is your first year competing

  • Able to audition (August 5th) for solo/duo/trio, placement and style will be discussed with student and parents, recommendation by Director and staff

Participate in a group jazz dance with Senior LA D Crew

Participate in a group tap dance with Senior LA D Crew
Participate in lyrical dance
Participate in the LA D Crew Production number

Following classes are required

  • Jr/Sr Crew Class (2 hr)

  • Ballet 3 (1.5 hr)

  • LA D Crew Rehearsals (1.5 hr)

  • Hip Hop 2/Lyrical 2/ or Tumbling 2 (dancers choice)

Monthly Tuition: $115 per month (studio price $150)
Any additional classes discounted to $15

Participation in 2 conventions/competitions and one competition only a dance season

Summer Intensive July 31st-August 4th 

Choreography Rehearsals during the summer August 7th-11th

Assistant Program available

  • Lower monthly tuition

  • Grow leadership skills

  • Increase dance knowledge

  • Learn to put lesson plans together

  • Assist alongside Director

Recommendations to move up in level will be determined by Director and staff prior to registration for the following year


Ages 11-15