Josh has won many awards for his choreography. Many of Josh’s students have won national titles with his choreography as well. Through his travels, he was able to work with people such as Nick Jonas, PSY, Alicia Keys, Maxwell, Master P, and many more. He has also been casted in movies such as The Campaign, Pitch Perfect 2, and the hit tv series The Magician. He also choreographs dances for many dance schools around the country as well as hosting master classes open to the public. Josh’s main goal is to give back to under-privileged kids, because he believes that every dancer should have a chance at success. Josh is also the co-owner and creative director of ENRGZ MOVEMENT CO. which is a company that provides professional level training for dancers who want to pursue it as a career.
Joshua Eddington is a teacher/professional dancer born and raised in New Orleans,Louisiana. Josh started dancing at the age of 4. He grew up as a street dancer being inspired by the late Michael Jackson and James Brown. Josh never once stepped foot into a dance studio until attending college at University of Southern Mississippi. Once there, he began training in Ballet, Modern, and Jazz. Josh received 3 years of training in those genres. 

Josh has taught at various studios throughout Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, New York, and California. Although Josh received his formal training in Ballet, Modern, and Jazz, he also very proficient in Hip Hop and Break dance. He is known for his unique incorporation of all styles of dance as well as the details within his choreography.

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