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When choosing a dance academy it's important to look at how the students are treated. Wheater it is our small classes for more personal attention and hands-on correcting, age-appropriate material, making videos available for at-home practice, or adapting our teaching styles so every student can gain the same education LA Dance is the premier for dance education. 

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When you become a student of LA Dance you can expect authentic terminology from the first day no matter your age or experience. Too many studios teach just dance steps only for the students to forget them at the end of the season. We never teach the bare minimum.

We have spent the time and money in developing our syllabus and lesson plans for each level and style of dance. This isn’t easy, but we believe in the importance of correct dance education for all ages. What we have discovered is learning our comprehensive education is easier for progression than only learning steps.

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Academy & Recreational Classes

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LA Dance will offers both Academy level classes and Recreational level classes.

Academy Level Classes are for families who are interested in an educational program with a broad understanding of dance as an art form or trained professionally in specific dance style.

Recreational Level Classes are for families looking for social, health, or educational dance classes. Recreational dancing is intended to provide a fun, judgement-free way for children to experience the fun of dance.

We will train your child to be an independent dancer. Our program is designed to help your child learn faster which builds confidence inside and outside the studio walls.

LA Dance Academy is committed to teaching all children a quality education. We are 100% dedicated to their health and safety while having an amazing educational experience.

Whether you have a 2-year-old learning how to pointe their toes in a grand battement, or a teenager realizing how to activate their muscles for more effective movement, LA Dance Academy is the dance education program for you.

So, lets “Move & Be Moved”