Experience: It gives you more opportunities throughout the year to perform. You will become a stage PRO! Learn how to rehearse effectively, work effectively in class. 

Judges Critiques: Get to hear personalized thoughts and opinions from experts in the dance field

Connections: Make countless lasting and useful connections with professions and dance peers that could benefit your future in dance

Opportunities: Dance and perform more often to learn, grow, get connected, take critiques, and qualify for scholarships.

​​LA Dance Academy and director, Stephanie Simeon are legacies of Mary Dee's Dance Studio. Stephanie has 30 years of dance training and profession experience in the field of dance. A Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance, Performance and Choreography from The University of Southern Mississippi, professional company work in Santa Monica, CA with Donna Sternberg and Dancers, A member of Dance Masters since 2014 and elite performances with well know choreographers around the U.S.

My philosophy is to educate, inspire and create passion through the many disciplines of dance. I utilize excellent verbal and demonstrative skills to improve individual technique and performance quality. Through teaching dance, students will also learn self-confidence, self awareness, work ethic, taking critiques, and develop personal and lasting relationships with fellow dancers.

​​​​Our award winning competitive dancers, LA D Crew

competes in local and national competitions. With the dedication and hard work they have won Platinum, Elite Gold, High Gold, 1st Overall, Diamond Awards, Judges' Awards, Dance Master Title Winners, Scholarships and many more.

LA D Crew

To watch us DANCE is to hear our HEARTS SPEAK

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​Benefits of competitive dance...